About Us

Our Mission

We seek to take the game of golf to all schools of India, through in-school and after-school programs, we aim to empower young students with the skill to play golf and a number of other associated values.


  • Seek to popularize golf all over India
  • Aim to remove all entry barriers of Golf and make it an accessible and understood game
  • Want to create a safe, nurturing and environmentally sensitive training program for golf
  • Employ technology to make learning golf data driven and precise
  • Seek to shape wholesome individuals with Golf at the centre of the learning process.

Our Vision

The Golf Revolution has meticulously designed a unique training program to introduce Golf and its inherent value system to young students. We aim to change the life of kids through golf by giving them the gift of this beautiful sport, which induces discipline, focus, honesty and integrity.

Our Motto

Fun + Fitness + Golf